sábado, 8 de noviembre de 2014


An animal sniffs the ass of the other and knows who he is, a human being observes the behavior and meditate on what they tell you ...

Waking Dream mona inside leaves a bitter impression on your heart, for example I start to see people as animals with the ability to speak and think. And I'm classifying female perverse behaviors to explain my experience with the electronic harassment by women using psychotronics to offend, but mostly unconsciously revenge. The company should require the presence of anthropological psychiatry to tell us why people keep acting like uncivilized monkeys.
For example, I have detected for 4 years the same animal rabies women who engage in projecting their existential helplessness in an astral plane, ie using microphones that channel the sound through psychotronic a brain with audible sound or infrasound.
Why do I have so much anger for me, a gray person without social success?
The animals are guided by the smell of other physical and gestures. People are guided by the behavior of one is the other. In the astral is psychically, and as an eye of Horus is aposente another eye of Horus to tell you who you are:
Fucked up if you are not able to face the truth about yourself.
I would "smell psychically" and as I demonstrated the same "emotional behavior code" of them, and also harshly criticize them, UNCONSCIOUSLY not recognize me as a human person and decide to unite to destroy .... Lest men decide that the monkey will not look like adult women and decide to live a love story ...

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