miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

angels in the park

Remember the story of Puss in Boots ?
Cat beats giant tempting to be small as a mouse and eats it. The mind is the same, the abstract idea is enormous , occupying the entire self is not the form of the conceptual invades and kidnaps you because I know about. But when a person is able to conceptualize an abstract idea convertiral words that you can understand , the parasite form that invades you and anxiety fades as it is important to sit vino.Por tribally your stuff you tell your fellow tribesmen confronting and discussing the idea from all possible points of view , for this you need to grandparents , they are the teachers because they have experience .

Our society and our youth grandparents killed by greed and self-importance .
I witnessed as a man condemned to 80 years , strong as an ox and master of a productive farm , die medicated to be calm in a gediatrico . Obgetivo : sell their properties.

I explain this because it is a scandal what is happening to us all .

The other day I went to the park that is next to the Barcelona Zoo, the Citadel Park , was looking very sad and less human contact or contact with pigeons ... I take a loaf to desmigajarlo and have company .
I found an older gentleman , was elegant, wore a neat suit and a hat , was an old-fashioned gentleman with manners and noble forms very difficult to find in young men day today. Strike up conversation in the most stupid way . And we spent all morning talking about our stuff.
Summarize the meeting :
I will call the attention because it was out of this world , my face was a poem . And I explained that I was a professional who had worked with people and for people . He was an old dog in the conte profesion.Le my story and I listened intently while feeding the pigeons. I was very comfortable and at three years not verbally told this to anyone. Stop searching helps you comment . Simply I realized that no one would help me .
Mr. wonder : What exactly is it that worries you now?
I replied that I was out of the ordinary , I could not fit into this society and that it was developing a kind of phobia against women , because most are trapped in a point that I do not admit slavery . Someone told me it was sociopathy , distrusted everyone . And because people do not stop to listen to reason or to work the problems had nothing to do but wait for death. I told him that I was alone , I did not have hope, which was in need of simple human things and could not find solution. I could not adapt to the monster rodeaba.LA me that people do not want to know the truth , because that would mean I should change the way they live , and if you do not wish to publicly express and would cease to be good, people only interested in their cave , their environment, and to be as wonderful and good vsitos creatures .... I felt life as an individual, and hopeless.

He laughed , and told me his story. He was an important man , I would not say that . And one day he met with a women who asked for help , they said that the sect had kidnapped and who had escaped . The fact is that all ended in judgment, and a scandal in his family. The problem was jealousy and fear of being seen as inferior . With the police and justice there were no problems , great social waste is uncapped . But he had to leave home . For all the crap splattered his family name , and that was unforgivable. His wife believed he had a young lover that sect , her daughter was offended by seeing her father in court, but believed her brother as he was interested in the family business left him lying like a dog , his sister who was a snake threatened him with the law firm of his father, if I dared to continue in office smearing the name of two families of ancestry .
It is surrounded by mediocrity and had not realized until I need help. His life had to change and adapt to a more humble lifestyle . But finally discovered that he could help people . Before you only knew without any obgetivo wealthy in life, that gave the money to have a very high standard of living . Now he was very humble people who had discovered that they were fragile and needed the help of a professional. At an average age discovered freedom. He had a solid training in the profession of mind, and never dedicated his knowledge to people who really needed it. That experience taught him that it was really useful .
And he said : This I have not ever told anyone . One gentleman told me one day , the day will come that you see reflected in someone, and then you will realize the good that these victims did ask you to help. Come a day where you will meet a person in which you reflect it , be your mirror, and will realize everything. That man died years ago and was a friend to me. Today you have reminded me of the action desiteresadamente do something for others , and I have remembered consequences. I'm just saying one thing one day I will occur the same as me and resurrected , will realize that this world is a chain of hatred or love.
I asked advice and told me to write what I feel without fear, because if I wanted to help others was to tell the truth , but only a few understand .

And I said something personal care with emotions, relationships are Stranglers and women are trained to make you fall in them. THE reason is freedom, and this is only achieved being honest with yourself. He told me that what I was experiencing is a psychological death and not to worry . The company is still immature teenager , the infantilizing are a widespread welfare state and citizens are babies who just want the teat of comfort.
I said it was necessary death of self and all that was known to be an adult . He told me he was experiencing an emotional destabilization that was driving me to an existential sadness.

LA people do not realize that being an adult has to face everything around you , to your destination . And unfortunately we have killed the tribe or community that cared about its members and the dangers around her, we are all alone in life.
That man was for me a Christmas present.

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