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tolkien Tolkien speaks of mind control, and the underworld through the ring posibel

Excuse me I do not speak English. short sentences make the translator.


Don Juan MAtus, shaman,whole Bible teaches about mind control.But you have to understand what is the second attention.They must have lived between two worlds.I've been psychically raped as a child.For me it is very familiar to be between two attentions.The first attention is the Tonal.which our physical ear hears.The second attention is the nagualth.In this phase of alteration of consciousness.you can hear psychically. can "see" psychically, in the mental screen image looks, telekinesis etc....
Tolkien was a very intelligent man.was an intellectual of the time.Einstein in 1923 sack of relativity theory, quantum mechanics based.in 1932 became the first successful experiment with the particle accelerator in cambridge.quantum mechanics explains the behavior of matter and energy.
Tolkien speaks very clearly of a power ring.specifies that the wearer, moves to another world.a world which inthe contact destructive forces.in that world people change.the hobbit was chosen for its pure heart.I attest that the fourth dimension, it "sees" the soul of the people.someone in the third dimension seems beautiful and good, in the fourth dimension, the mental, can be a monster. Discovering his infernal side.The fourth dimension is only a virtual space. Created with electronica. A place where you can catch the soul of the people.And do you want that person qeu. With biorresoancia quantified, can alter the consciousness of that person and destroy their goodness.hobbit's soul must be very pure to take over that job.is very difficult for ambitious people not to drop the temptation to use that technology for proper purpose.the fairy takes the ring and feel their violence, because they have power over others, by their nature, and with the growth of his mind, would have more power, and power corrupts.I have created my euphoria, and I have suggested to infrasound things to hurt others.if you do not love, you have no sense of community, and not have compassion, you fall into harm another.
You get power to force states bioresonance you create incredible physical strength, or will completely override.gandaf refused to grab the ring, porqu egandaf was not pure, but the wise magician was their limit.

people with much knowledge is dangerous, dangerous Orque psychiatrists are aware of the human mind, politicians are dangerous because they covet money and material goods, one being low, it is dangerous because you want revenge.nobody wanted that ring, hobbit could only help everyone, he just wanted the pleasure of your group, your comunidad.tolkien loved nature and said that progress was against humanity and nature.
Tolkien said scientists were like gods, they were mad, spoke of the Manhattan Project and the Atomic Bomb.
when you walk into a collective mind, we are all one. See the essence of each, though lie.
You enter a world elf, and that's bad for people who need the sun, and we need to contact the skin of others.

elf when you are locked in, everything is horrible, sadden you, is a cold world, a purgatory. The elf is a very low frequency.smell, see, hear, perceive things in different frequency can not.
is a telepathic world.presents a world just like in the movie when s epone ring, is slow, dark, and in that world, people become poor, and collecting his dark feelings.
psychiatrists know why both of the mind, because they have studied people from there. If not, it is impossible to "see" things like crush the father or mother, by the son.

Quantum physics says that the observer changes the product, or the observed action.

when someone enters your head, if not pure you die Affects me a lot. I create states of sadness, or ira.Tengo states to be very quiet. And when something happens that I can not control, the situation detour screaming, or autoagrediendome.
A person who refuses to harm others, not sel apuede force change conducta.LA person can commit a crime, but because I want to be her. If you have good behavior, and do not want bad, you can not. You can get killed. But they can not stop you from loving.With this technology alter the reptilian brain, the simple, the survival.

I think it's the third attention, Don Juan speaks the warlock fears engulf the eagle.
if you're reptilian totally fuck a zombie

Psychomotor control, I am sometimes a doll.so it is very dangerous that anyone has that power. Puees control a man, whatever, both mentally and physically.in the film is that the only way to destroy the ring is back at home, where it was created. Alli is a hill figure. in reality, the ring scientist, was created thanks to quantum physics, which is actually a hoax, a Trojan horse, to change traditional Newton physics, a physics that supports that gravity is relative.
Then the formula of Einstein's special relativity solidifies a belief, facing the people.
Resulting energy (the material) = material by light speed squared.

is talking about quantum mechanics, is saying that according to the frequency of light that is used in a obgeto, this will increase energetically, it will create its astral or mental field, your spirit, the spirit of that matter. It is the result of subjecting the body to vibration x

Tolkien lived this time. Einstein visited Barcelona in 1923. The heads of Catalan science, he prepared a very special dinner. It dishes, were appointed, in relation to his theory and his work on quantum mechanics

In these dishes is the secret of mind control.

Phasianus nycthemerus Minkowskiensis, silver pheasant dimentiones quatriplex the four-dimensional Minkowski
Man transhuman, improved
Homo Platonicus secundum Diogenem platonic man cum jure Michelsoniense as Diogenes [chicken] with the Michelson sauce
The chicken ridiculed and manipulated

Dalai Lama also supports the project avatar
seek to change the world consciousness, consciousness is a hard drive, is our life experience, we have learned, we must convince to change, and they are doing it in the astral, with reward-catigo, skinner style.
Are all over the world know this and do not tell the truth

only the truth will set us free, we are trying worse than those who want to use us human cattle
The menu did someone who knew classical philosophy in the school that was later Professor Einstein, had a picture of Diogenes, that scene is very relevant to the physical, there must be

someone who knows the aura is false, connects chicken, salsa withthe milchenson. elctromagnetismo milchenson the experiment. And if you investigate Plato, Diogenes and philosophy will understand that it is related.
Platon said that the idea came from heaven, Aristotle only matter associated with the outcome.
Platon wrote the cavern, which portrays the state of ignorance of human.

then what actually happened with the chicken scene I do not know, but was Diogenes the Cynic school, he despised the unnecessary, er even anarchist of the time, it was like Don Juan.

For Plato the man was not a pheasant, was a featherless biped, a chicken that is ignorant and vulgar.
The pheasant dish is the man of the future, desired by science and transhumanists

The pheasant is in four dimensions, the clear mind, the chicken man has done a aevolucion to the intellectual mind
Tolkien speaks of the dimension of the underworld, the subcosnciente. this is the dimension that if we do not see the show with psychotronic.
For that dimension must be trained, if he knew, is that the honest, and knows he is peligrosa.Sabia for its circle of intellectuals, which was gestated a change in society, and did not like.

In short when the people who are the victim of electronic harassment radiofrequency electromagnetic aura know that is false, is modifiable by the team operaivo remotely, then you will understand this story

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky.
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in stone palaces.
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die.
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
in the Land of Mordor where the Sombras.Un Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind
in the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Psychiatry us chained to the darkness of the subconscious, using mental progamaciones for behavioral change

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