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calle 13: John el esquizofrenico, vision de un enfermo real.

No sabemos exactamente como sufre un enfermo de esquizofrenia paranoide, porque, si lo supieramos m correriamos a informarnos de lo que las victimas de acoso electronico nos hablan.
Estan creando con aparatos de psicotronica, o de biorresonancia cuantica, esquizofrenicos que oyen al demonio o a dios. Estan creando patologias psiquiatricas a partir de CONOCIMIENTO, skinner creo todo un programa para control mental, se esta creando tecnologia militar para controlar a las masas.
Pero no queremos aceptar que esos enfermos que son nuestros amigos, parientes, vecinos o gente que padecio la esquizofrenia,puedan estar siendo victimas de grupos de experimentacion o acoso.
Gente aceptable socialmente, han oido voces:
oian un angel :
Jose de Arimatea, padre de Jesus,cuando oyo a un angel,que le aviso de que tenia que huir, junto a su mujer y su hijo Jesus, porque el gobernador estaba matando niños recien nacidos .
Abraham y la zarza ardiente: le dicto los 10 mandamientos al pueblo judio.
Socrates :oia una voz que llamaba su daimon,  con la que conversaba.
Jung: oia a una voz que encima tenia nombre, Filemon.
Tesla : Oia a un hombre del futuro que parece ser le dicto esos inventos del futuro, murio dirigiendose a un rincon de su habitacion maldiciendo en su idioma con la palabra bruja, o vampiro..algo asi.
Estos eran grandes hombres, pero a mime interesa que penseis en los otros:
LOs desgraciados que fueron condenados al psiquiatrico, los condenados en vida a servir de conejillos de indias en los psiquiatricos, a doctores que abusaron de ellos como si fueran animales despreciables.
Y nadie sabia lo que con ellos hacian.
Esto ocurre actualmente pero a distancia, con todos nosotros, lo que ocurre es que no nos enteramos. Solo consumimos medicacion por depresion, o por estar diagnosticados como esquizofrenicos paranoides.
En esta cancion se relata como siente una victima despreciada atrapada en un, bucle o patron mental de ciertas sintomatologias creadas con biorresonancia cuantica.
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letra en ingles
My name is John Alejandro and I'm schizophrenic
I am nothing less attractive fotogenico
my best friend is a clown who advised me
frog has eyes and lives in my ear
and talks a lot and sometimes annoying
and when I ask things almost never answer me
but his life for me and I give my life for the
we also know that there is a gap
below our circle
people think I'm sick
because I run around town with my notebook
talking dogs
shorts and cowboy boots
an umbrella in his hand and a bullfighter's hat,
but I'm not bad at all I also talk to people
I tell many lies to play him with the mind
I like giving bad directions of the road
so people always arrive late at its destination,
I walk with two fairy godmothers above volándome
loading syringe full of vitamins with morphine
until it floods my veins
I spend as grimacing and people get confused,
forgive me if I'm laughing too
is that yesterday my mother died and I threw out of work,
I have 6 months income in my wallet a penny,
and I do not bathe since October last year
I have my whole body healed,
with deep cuts and burns in the first degree
but it's nothing serious nothing delicate
is that I never realize because I spend all day anesthetized
I like to walk alone and talk to the wind
I've never had sex as a nun in a convent
calm although I can exploit
suddenly as a mine in WWII
I am an antisocial psicomaniático
hello after I wash my hands with antibacterial soap
I'm admittedly a mental patient
but that does not entitle you to look at me sideways
and to treat me lejitos
Come see I'm not going to do anything
what looks like blood on my shirt is spilled ketchup
Come see my little friend here to bring scissors are for
cutting garden.

I'm a serial murderer, such as miniseries,
Behind the door, I collect dead people
To kill hunger, breakfast cereal, blood,
I have no family, because I killed my family.

Sometimes they come to visit doctors
With costumes ghosts try to cheer
I suffer from disorders because yesterday I put my cat in oven
And his tail hung me in the neck ornaments
When I get the episodes start to sweat sodium
And cry very strong to get the hate
I am also scared of shadows
therefore I dare not go to the bathroom
And I pee on the carpet
It is normal I only have 13 years
Still biking and do not talk to strangers
But do not take my medication during the year
Every day I dream can hurt you
Picarte into pieces with the same scissors
Get into plastic bags and keep you on the refrigerator
Do not panic today I take my medications
I'm in a good mood or content with good breath
I know I have serious side but I'm happy
Right now I play with my friends in the cemetery,
In fact I am in love with one of my friends
A year ago, died without leaving a trace or witness
It's a beautiful girl with the purple face
Every night I accompanied biking
She does not speak for that is deaf
And why people think I'm talking to myself and
I need help.

I'm a serial murderer, such as miniseries,
Behind the door, I collect dead people
To kill hunger, breakfast cereal, blood,
I have no family, because I killed my family. (x2)
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Letra añadida por Ron*AL*dinho

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