domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

intelligent spiritual movie. of the boys "is unparalleled"

boys "is unparalleled" attack with another masterpiece to awaken.In Spanish they are called " no tiene parangon". Movies coming out in this expression I've ever seen:

THe live of Pi,  Ang Lee .

This great movie, is to create a debate. Man likes more to be told the truth or being deceived.
The protagonist talks about God throughout the movie, and finally tells two stories, one in the style Biblical Hindu, and other real scientific of what happened.
We all like stories, and the stories told with more fantasy.

but when it comes to the survival of the planet and of human life, we must choose better, and face the harsh reality scientific. A philosophical reason.
hundred percent is recommended, mainly because it is knowledge, it would be good to all who see her awake consider and comment on.
Because it has the signature: is unparalleled.
Do we like to deceive us with amazing stories of spiritual magic or want to face the truth of mind control religions qu etodas currently being used to engage and manipulated gullible followers?
Is being used to talk to infrasound psychotronic inside our heads, and is being used to create sensoperception quantified bioresonance ghost, and that our cognitive system creates it, get confused and accept the state of danger.think we are creating feelings of euphoria spiritual, physical sensations thousand created with Informatica and teleported to our electromagnetic field so that we are believers of magic.
Think that demonic possessions are cruel ways to keep fear and belief of the existence of the devil by bioresonance quantified. Pure Informatica.

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